Providing a quality home inspection and helping my clients make a smart home buying decision is something I truly enjoy and look forward to every day! I also love to educate new and experienced buyers about their home. A little bit about my education and background…

I have been in the residential and commercial building trade as a general contractor for 31 years. I attended Kaplin Contractor School in St Paul Minnesota and got my Career started as a general contractor in Minnesota. I also attended Dunwoody College in Minneapolis for Home Energy improvement and worked with the Government for qualified home improvement projects.

Nick Petrich


I have the tools

Thermal imaging, moisture meters, GFCI testers, aerial drones, and more.

Easy-to-read Report

An HTML or PDF report that gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Certified Experience

I am certified with the largest home inspector association on the planet.

Competitive Pricing

You’ll get a high-quality inspection for the money you spend.

Years of Experience

I’ve inspected over 2,500 homes. I’ve seen it all.

Follow-up Support

I make myself available for any questions you might have.

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